Common Uses of Essential Oils In Healing

Oils In Healing

People often find ways to stay healthy outside of traditional medical methods. They seek additional options because they may not be satisfied with conventional treatments, they might view alternative treatments as giving them personal sovereignty and control over their own health care decisions, and lastly, these alternative health methods may align better with a person’s belief system. There are many branches of alternative health that people have tapped into, and that industry is steadily growing. By 2027, it’s estimated that the complementary and alternative health industries will reach approximately $296.3 billion. One huge component of this industry is the essential oil market.

Essential oil is an oil that’s obtained through distillation and has the fragrance of the plant, or another source, from which it was extracted. These oils also contain volatile chemical compounds from plants and are used in perfumes, food flavorings, and medicines. The essential oil industry’s market value is estimated to reach approximately $27 billion by 2022. For the purposes of today, we‚Äôll look at the medicinal uses of essential oils. These oils have been used for a wide variety of health benefits, including relieving stress and taking care of your skin. Below are some of the common uses of essential oils in healing.

Physical Health


Essential oils have been known to be surprisingly helpful when helping to maintain body health. The oils provide a variety of different uses when it comes to keeping a person physically healthy. For instance, the Melissa officinalis l. the extracted essential oil has been known to tackle a variety of physical ailments. This solution has shown to be particularly effective against preventing and treating infections. This type of oil has also been known to stop bacterial infections, through the use of antimicrobial compounds like citral, citronellal, and trans-caryophyllene.

Melissa essential oil also acts as an anti-inflammatory agent, promotes good skin health, helps with skin sensitivity, treats

Herpes, and has anti-diabetic effects. In addition to Melissa officinalis l, there are a host of other oil extracts that can help to take care of a person’s physical health. Bergamont oil extract has also been known to help with skin healing, while peppermint oil extract has a reputation for helping to relieve headaches and migraines. Just like Melissa essential oils, thyme and oregano essential oils have also been used as an anti-inflammatory agent.

Mental Health

Oil extracts have also been known to help out with health-related ailments that affect the mind. Anxiety is a mental health ailment that essential oils have been known to help treat. Let’s say you’re dealing with a lot of anxiety-inducing situations, which you might need some relief from. Maybe you’re turning over a new leaf after addiction, and you’re trying to find ways to not be worried that you’ll possibly fall off the wagon. Maybe you’ve started a new job, and are concerned that you might not be learning the ropes fast enough.

You may even be one of many couples trying to conceive, and your anxiety levels are rising with every attempt. You’ve made many visits where mind churning topics like menstrual cycles, ovulation, sperm counts, infertility, sexual intercourse, or even seeking a fertility specialist, are discussed. You’re simply tired and nervous about this entire process.

There are a wide variety of essential oils that can help with this. Valerian helps to calm nerves, while also acting as a mild sedative for a person if they are suffering from anxiety. Lavender oil has been known to be effective in reducing stress hormone levels in individuals. Peppermint essential oil helps to improve mental alertness, while Frankincense helps to treat depression. Provided in proper doses, these essential oil extracts can be used to help with a host of mental illnesses. The extracts from medicinal plants can go a long way in helping to improve the quality of life for people’s mental health.