How Air Scrubbers Work To Keep Homes Fresh

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A fire in your home can be a scary event, and while some flames can be put out with some quick thinking, the aftermath of the fire can be present in your indoor air quality for quite some time.

In fact, a homeowner may notice a handful of lingering odors in your home that just won’t disappear, it may be time for you to consider investing in an air scrubber. Here’s how these unique home appliances can help to scrub that stench right out of your household.

Cleaning the Air—and Fast


After a fire inside your home, it is important to get some cross breeze going throughout the premises to help eliminate any lingering toxic gases, as well as smoke. If you notice that the scent is still lingering despite proper ventilation, you should know that air scrubbers can help control odor. An air scrubber is designed to not only absorb the stench of soot but also remove any petrochemical odors and airborne contaminants. These appliances can also eradicate ozone odors and cooking odors.

This indoor air pollution can also be eradicated through a unique practice called thermal fogging. It entails heating air cleaners or deodorizers and spraying it in a fog form. The mixture essentially attaches itself to ions of smoke to take out the odor. There is also the use of air purifiers known as hydroxyl generators that are a preferred method of some home contractors. These machines are designed to eliminate odors, without the intervention of chemicals like ammonia, or any masking agents.

Scrubbing Out Your HVAC System


Homeowners can be proactive in fighting against odors and indoor air contaminants by attaching an air purifier or air scrubber to the ductwork of their home’s heating and air conditioning units. This process removes air pollution, VOCs, surface contaminants, and more from the household to provide a healthier and more efficient home for you and your loved ones.

Air scrubbers use proprietary light waves along with a specialized catalytic process to keep your household cleaner and prevent triggering health conditions like asthma or respiratory issues. These scrubbers also help to extend the life of the air conditioner and furnace by trapping dirt, dust, and other debris before it enters the filter of the HVAC system, damaging the coils and blower. In conjunction with regular cleaning and replacement of filters, scrubbers will keep your system running at peak efficiency.

Preventing the Growth of Dangerous Mold


If you notice strong odors that just won’t go away with the use of air fresheners, you could actually be dealing with toxic and dangerous mold. Air purifiers and air scrubbers are designed to eliminate these airborne toxins that can be severely damaging to the health of you and your loved ones. With proper air scrubbing technology, you can take out mold spores that leave a rancid, musty odor throughout your home. The greater the breeding ground for these spores, the lengthier and more complex the treatment process to eliminate those toxins and their horrid stench.

Air scrubbers can leave your home smelling like new, a far superior and cleaner indoor air environment than the sort that just a spritz of Febreze would give you. It can especially come in handy if you plan on selling your home or condo. When considering what to look for in a luxury real estate company, the devil is in the details. You want a team that will treat your property listing as a priority and will keep tabs on an ever-evolving luxury real estate market. Having a knowledgeable team of real estate brokers will keep you in the know of all the inner workings of the market from open house to closing, giving you peace of mind by knowing you’re in good hands.