Should I Store My Things During a Major Home Renovation?

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When moving to a new home, packing up a college dorm room, or transporting your business assets from office to office, one of your first thoughts before you even begin any heavy lifting may be to get a storage space for your belongings. However, you may not ponder this decision if you’re not doing any long-distance moving but simply rearranging or reconstructing areas where you’re already comfortable and settled. Would you need storage space during a major home renovation? Couldn’t a spare bedroom, closet, or garage suffice? If you’re asking yourself if you should store your possessions during a major home renovation—the answer to this question is ‘yes,’ for the reasons listed below.

Housing your belongings in a storage unit is a way to make sure they stay in good condition.


Exterior home renovations can impact your home’s curb appeal—its outer attractiveness—and its value, so you want to be sure to leave your property in the hands of the best professionals. Homeowners needing a roof replacement, window replacement or cleaning, or gutter guard installation can ensure excellent results and benefit from turning to a local company operated by skilled, experienced workers. For householders in Alabama, this means enlisting the services of the highly trained technicians of Labor Panes in Birmingham Alabama. Allowing these experts to complete cleaning services and renovations guarantees your home is in good hands as these professionals always provide quality work and an unmatched level of customer service.

Once you call on workers you trust to handle your home remodeling projects, ensure they have enough room to do their best work. By storing your possessions away in a unit, you’re keeping them out of the workers’ space and saving them from any damage they could incur if they remained inside or around your property. You’d hate it if a vase broke because you left it in the way or if pictures ended up ripped or covered with dust. In such cases, a climate-controlled storage unit can be beneficial as it can protect your belongings from indoor and outdoor elements. With climate controls, you can avoid having pictures, artwork, documents, and furniture turn smelly or moldy—protection your garage or attic can’t necessarily offer.

A self-storage unit can serve as excellent security from theft.


Storage units can not only preserve the condition your items are in, but they can also keep them safe from being stolen. If you have theft concerns about your possessions and aren’t confident in your home’s security or that of your neighborhood, search for a storage facility that prioritizes safety when you decide to rent a storage unit. A storage facility that uses high-quality security equipment like bright lights, electronic gate access, and video surveillance may be more suitable to you and superior to one that doesn’t. Some storage companies take their security measures up a notch, offering individual alarms per unit, secure access to your floor, and on-site resident managers. With such advanced features, a storage unit could be the safest place for your belongings to stay.

By leaving some possessions in storage, you can declutter your home.

Leaving some of your assets in a self-storage unit during a home renovation project could produce additional benefits that weren’t on your radar. One of those benefits is an easier time cleaning your space once the remodeling is complete. Likely, the belongings you choose to store in a unit for safekeeping will either be items with extreme monetary and sentimental value or those that you don’t often use and want out of the workers’ way. While you may bring the valuable items back home from storage when renovations are over, you don’t necessarily have to have old or unused items in tow too. Keeping the belongings you don’t use or need anymore stored together outside of your home frees space and eases the time you’ll have sorting through them and deciding what you want to throw out or give away to someone else. You may decide that other items you have in storage could come in handy at a later time. Until then, they can remain secure in storage while you enjoy a clutter-free home in which the interior matches the newly renovated exterior.