What To Know About Getting Braces as an Adult

Getting Braces

The most common time for a person to have braces is during their adolescent years. Since this is an awkward time period of growing and transitions, braces aren’t that big of a deal, especially since nearly everyone else has them as well. However, adolescence isn’t the only time for a person to have braces, as there are many people who require braces during their adult years. Adult braces can be quite frustrating for some, as it’s difficult to manage braces during the hectic schedule that comes along with adulthood. While adult braces can seem intimidating, they can certainly be manageable, with the results being more than worth it. Here are just a few things you should know about adult braces before getting them.

They may be more affordable.


While braces are known to be an expensive orthodontic treatment, it’s possible to not break the bank while making this investment as an adult. The best way to determine which treatment plan is the most affordable for you is to first contact your insurance company to see the extent of your orthodontic coverage. Some insurance companies only cover certain types of braces, while other companies may have wider coverage. Regardless of your specific insurance, having the ability to shop around for the most affordable treatment option will certainly save more money than had you paid for braces as a teenager.

Braces are beneficial to dental health.


While most people want braces in order to have a straight smile, there are plenty of other health reasons to undergo this orthodontics treatment. Not only will a straight smile boost your confidence and your desire to post your perfect smile on social media, but it’s also an important step for achieving proper oral hygiene. Some of the main benefits of receiving orthodontic treatment include an improvement in the ability to chew food, as well as making it easier to properly brush your teeth. Straightening your teeth will also reduce the possibility of chipping your adult teeth, sustaining an injury from crooked teeth, and suffering from gum disease or bite problems. Overall, not only will braces leave you with a beautiful smile, but they will also be beneficial to your health.

There are more options to choose from.


As a teenager, you’re typically only given the options of traditional braces, which consist of metal braces or ceramic braces, when it comes to your orthodontic treatment. One of the benefits of getting braces as an adult is that you’re not limited to these treatment options. Since adults tend to have busier and more professional lives than teenagers, some types of braces may be more suitable for different lifestyles.

For example, if you have a job that requires a significant amount of public speaking, then clear aligners, such as Invisalign, may-be the best type of treatment for you. However, if your mouth requires a significant amount of orthodontic treatment, then your best option may be clear braces or metal braces. Regardless of your lifestyle, it’s important to discuss your individual needs with your orthodontist to determine the best braces process for you. In order to receive the most beneficial treatment, it’s necessary to ask your orthodontist “how long do braces take?” as well as discussing the extent of your dental history with them.

There may be some complications.


Unfortunately, braces may not be as much of a breeze for adults as they are for teenagers. As with many other aspects of health, dental health declines with age, resulting in various complications for anyone seeking to straighten their adult teeth. Before following through with your braces, it’s important to discuss the possible complications with your orthodontist.

Some common issues that come with adult braces include gum disease, root resorption, relapse, or other severe cases. Of course, these complications may vary depending on the length of treatment or the health history of each orthodontic patient. It’s important not to let these possible complications deter you from braces, and if you experience any discomfort while undergoing your treatment, be sure to express the entire truth to your orthodontist immediately.

You’ll have a perfect smile in no time.


Before you finally have your adult braces removed, it’s important to not let this orthodontic treatment get in the way of your daily lifestyle. Whether you’re hoping to wear that new little black dress on your date night, or you want to post endless selfies on social media, your adult braces should serve as a form of empowerment. While there may be plenty of other fashion trends that will carry over from 2020, adult braces will certainly be one of them.